Welcome to the SmartUp Accelerator Network!

November 03, 2020

We are very happy to launch our platform, where you can keep yourself updated about what is happening in the network and the consumer cleantech field. As a member of the network, you will also be able to start discussions and team up with other consumer cleantech innovators around the Baltic Sea.

– We are very happy that our hard work in the SmartUp Accelerator project has allowed for us to establish a network in the BSR, says Jenny Schmitz Jakobsson from Innovatum Science Park. The fact that we have gathered organizations even beyond our project partner countries is a great bonus and validation of the potential for transnational work in the consumer cleantech filed. Our newly developed website will be a good tool for us to get started with knowledge sharing, collaboration and meet-ups.

How do I join the network?
Contact us to become a member and you will get access to all functions on the platform!

How do I team up with others?
We suggest that you start by trying out the search function on the Members page, to find potential collaboration partners in a specific country. You can also use the Forum to start a discussion or ask a question.

Can I share consumer cleantech events or news?
Yes! SmartUp Accelerator Network will be happy to share information about events or news that relate to Smart Homes, Smart Consumption and Smart Mobility – feel free to contact us with tips!