International skill-sharing for startup ecosystem actors

How can we create an ecosystem in the Baltic Sea region where startups with ambitious sustainability missions and working in the area of consumer cleantech not only survive, but thrive? What is already working, and what can we do better locally and in the region?

To enable collective reflection and learning on these questions we are organizing an online skill-sharing event for those working with startups on September 2, from 9.00 AM to 11.30 AM CET (click here to convert to your local time). Participants will get access to training materials before the event, and will be given a small pre-assignment before the event.


9.00 – 10.00 Keynote Speakers and Q&A

Gold&Green Foods is a massively successful finnish technology startup that created a sustainable plant protein from oats and legumes. Since its inception, Gold & Green products have become a Finnish staple and since moved to conquer the world – its products are available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Spain, the UK, Ireland and now also in the US. Maija Itkonen, the founder and CEO of Gold&Green will reflect on her journey and the role of helpers from the founder’s perspective.

Then, Katariina Helaniemi, formerly with Fifty Years, will share lessons learned from supporting countless startups with strong sustainability missions.

10.00 – 11.30 Local breakout sessions

The event will continue with smaller, facilitated country-specific discussion sessions to share knowledge and network locally.

Keynote Speaker

Maija Itkonen

Maija is an industrial designer, brand fanatic, design management professional and entrepreneur. She founded her previous company PowerKiss in 2008 and built it until it was acquired by US-Israeli company Powermat in 2013. After the merger Maija worked as design and brand head at Powermat. In 2015 she co-founded Gold&Green Foods, the company behind the phenomenal success story of the “perfect protein” food and Pulled Oats. Pulled Oats is a new kind of meat alternative based on the Nordic superfood oats, built around the team’s unique scientific knowledge and design thinking. In August 2016 the Paulig Group acquired 51% of Gold&Green, and Maija remains the company CEO.