Tempiro is a startup developing IoT Hardware, Cloud platform software and providing its own app. Our aim is to provide solutions for B2C customers, property owners and B2B partners to monitor and control energy using IoT technology. We provide a Home Energy Management solution geared towards electricity but other energy flows can be included using 3rd party hardware.

Tempiro develops solutions that lets you monitor & control any electrical heating, cooling, ventilation or similar appliance remotely, saving money, reducing CO2 emissions and increasing comfort for home owners and property managers.

Smart control of electrical HVAC and other energy intense appliances, today requires complex, high cost installation of 1 000 €/home. Tempiro is solving the problem of smart monitoring and control at 70% lower cost and the same time reducing energy cost by 20%. Any electrical load can be controlled on basis of spot prices or grid capacity issues.

Our key technology is patent protected hardware in form of smart fuses that allows plug and play installations for controlling and monitoring appliances.