Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol Foundation

Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, the largest science and business campus in the Baltics, was founded by the Government of Estonia, Tallinn University of Technology and the City of Tallinn in 2003. The campus area forms a unified space together with Tallinn University of Technology, IT Colleage and more than 250 innovative technology-based companies. The main aim of Tehnopol is to contribute to the emergence and growth of world-class technology companies in Estonia and to support their expansion into foreign markets by offering solutions from commercial real estate to needs-based business development services.

Tehnopol’s operating areas are business-to-business technologies, green technologies, health technologies, smart city and mobility, knowledge-intensive technologies and digital public sector solutions. Tehnopol is providing growth supporting services for companies across all development stages, having specially designed programs for startups, scale-ups and corporates. Tehnopol Startup Incubator is a part of the comprehensive support service of Tehnopol, under which each startup in the batch-based program receives up to 10,000 euros worth of expertize and top-notch service with an equity option (2%) agreement to find the first seed investment or reach export markets. Scale-up services of Tehnopol are dedicated to high-growth potential companies with sustainable revenue stream (validated product-market-fit) or with closed seed- stage investment round. Tehnopol’s services for corporates help to sustain the innovation level through smart process management, product or business model development and sustainable startup/scale-up matchmaking.