Smarta Kartan powered by Kollaborativ Ekonomi Göteborg

KEG advocates a consumption that consumes less resources than today’s consumption. The association aims to create dialogue and cooperation between civil society, the public sector and the private sector. Together with the City of Gothenburg, we have developed the Smart Map, where we have mapped businesses that put access before ownership. We also work with lectures and opinion formation for transformation.

The Smart Map is a website and a digital map to visualize, explain and normalize the sharing economy and facilitate sustainable consumption. 

The Smart Map makes it easier for people to live more sustainably, by encouraging community, new meetings and access over ownership. We do this by showing initiatives and networks. On the map you can, among other things, find bike kitchens, swap groups, clothing swap days, free shops and digital platforms.

Users can discover, understand and find initiatives and activities such as tool pools, fruit groves, makerspaces, sharing apps and toy libraries and everything they can rent, share, exchange, borrow, give and get. The selection is criterion-based and businesses that are exposed all have in common that they release unused resources and promote access over ownership. Content is created and updated by local editors around Sweden by service personnel and residents in close collaboration. Smart Map has no ads, no freemium models or login requirements and no data is sold to third parties. The website’s code (white label) is Open Source license CC-0 but in order to take the concept including the brand and the cooperation to a new place there is an ongoing license fee, and an education.