Eco Buddy

Eco Buddy is a company focusing on Sustainability. By having a systemic approach to whole organizational processes we’re covering sustainability fully starting from awareness building & defining the common understanding and ending with strategic planning and sustainability reporting.

We work in two main directions:

  • organizational consulting and sustainability integration;
  • building sustainable thinking into the children through our school program and environmental educational board game Eco-Buddy.

Our mission is to join the forces on generating bright ideas and give our contribution to solving Global challenges through sustainability prism.

We offer a full spectrum of sustainability integration into the organization:

  • Creating common understanding about sustainability;
  • Sustainability project creation & stakeholder involvement;
  • Sustainability monitoring & reporting;
  • Strategy & KPI;
  • Delivering sustainability message & thinking to internal/external stakeholders.

Sustainability education for children:

  • Environmental educational board game Eco-Buddy;
  • Teacher training and certification – how to use Eco-Buddy in talking about waste and circular economy. We’re giving teachers a recommended plan how to use our environmental game in 16 classes.