Demos Helsinki

Demos Helsinki is an independent think tank, working together with the public sector, private sector, and NGOs. We want to impact the ongoing global transformations actively and aim to build sustainable and fair post-industrial societies. We are specialised in consultancy services, entirely new ways of cooperation with organisations and people, and thinking the most wicked societal challenges of our time. Our vision is to be a platform for building sustainable and fair post-industrial societies where the world’s brightest and most affirmative changemakers can unite. We know the world changes only when people and organisations come together.

Formulate Strategy and Vision
We lay out the alternative future scenarios and give you tools to choose the desirable one. Then we will help you achieve it.

Build Communities and Partnerships
We take advantage of  your stakeholders’ knowledge and capabilities to turn your organisation’s vision and strategy into action. We call this co-creation.

Experiment new Operating Models, Services and Business Model
We offer systematic tools to turn uncertainties into probabilities. Experiments provide crucial data and can prove what works.

Understand the World and the Future
Organisations and their leaders often see their future as chaotic and inevitable. We help them grasp the abstract future by dividing it into small, tangible steps.