Center for Entrepreneurship Support and Development

Unified Entrepreneurship Center (Center for Entrepreneurship Support and Development) is multifunctional organization in St. Petersburg that has been established to provide entrepreneurs with assistance and comprehensive support. The mission of the center is development of small and medium-sized
businesses in St. Petersburg.

The Unified Entrepreneurship Center works on all the matters of starting and running business in St. Petersburg. Entrepreneurs can get a consultation on how to register a business and open a branch, learn about the taxes, get financial support, find business partners, make the order for suppliers of products from Russia, learn about benefits and special programs for business, make an offer to city entrepreneurs.

The center provides the following services:

  • Information on all special programs of state support
  • Advises on financial and infrastructural support
  • Legal support, accounting and tax accounting
  • Assistance in the field of production cooperation
  • Free training seminars
  • Assistance in entering foreign markets
  • Work to reduce administrative barriers
  • Startup support
  • Evaluation of regulatory impact