Alexanderson Institute

The Alexanderson Institute was established in 2008 and is located in the Halland region in the south-western part of Sweden. Our commitment is to provide competitive knowledge that the world around us can benefit from, helping to promote growth and development.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Develop and implement projects and use networking to favor the development of trade and industry in the Halland region.
  • Contribute to improve the competitiveness and the attractiveness of the region.
  • Increase the focus on internationalization in the region.
  • Strengthen the connections between research and development as well as between academia and industry.

The Alexanderson Institute is not a traditional academic institute. The Alexanderson Institute is centered around four strategic focus areas:

  • Strategic intelligence
  • Project reporting
  • Process models
  • Dissemination

AI has competence and long working experience in projects for business development, facilitating the cooperation between business, academia and public sector. AI practices in learning by doing and develops innovative support methods to be tested in real cases. Moreover, the institute is experienced at communicating and disseminating activities as the added value of the projects, but also its recipients.