St. Petersburg Technopark JSC

St. Petersburg Technopark JSC is owned by St. Petersburg and is one of the major tools for replenishing the city’s economy with new commercially effective technological projects. The main customers of the services delivered by the Technopark include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), cluster projects and high-tech industry companies.

By accelerating their development through its own consultancy and technological services, the Technopark is moving towards an important goal – to increase the contribution of innovative technology companies to the St. Petersburg industrial economy. Therefore, the Technopark operates with the support of the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations of St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg Technopark JSC unites several Infrastructure support elements:

Within the business line of activity, services are provided by the Ingria Business Incubator and the Prototype Development Centre, which follow up projects for the creation of new high-performance businesses and production sites.

Annually, about 300 projects and developments are “scanned” within this area of activity.

Using the consultancy and technological support provided by Ingria and the Prototype Development Centre, these projects test their business hypotheses, develop a working business model and engineer technological processes. Some of them have already become competitive and profitable SMEs.