St. Petersburg State Geological Unitary Enterprise - Specialized Firm - Mineral

St. Petersburg State Geological Unitary Enterprise “Specialized Firm” Mineral” was organized in 1991. Initially, the company carried out mainly thematic and research work in the field of geology. Since 2002, Mineral has come under the control of the St. Petersburg Committee for Nature Management, Environmental Protection and Environmental Safety with the main task of conducting environmental monitoring in the city.

The company provides the following services:

  • Environmental monitoring in St. Petersburg
    The company operates an automated system for atmospheric air monitoring in St. Petersburg, provides state authorities, local authorities, organizations and the city’s population with the information on the atmospheric air.
  • Information technologies for solving problems of nature management and environmental protection
    Mineral specializes in the development of geographic information systems for geological, geochemical and environmental projects.
  • Geological research
    The company traditionally carries out a large number of projects of regional geological mapping and geological prospecting both within Russia and in cooperation with the Geological Surveys of Finland, Norway and Sweden.
  • International cooperation
    The International Center was established and operates within the framework of international cooperation programs for environmental protection. On the basis of this center, meetings and seminars are organized. Specialists from Finland, the Netherlands and other countries tale part in the events, organized by the company.